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[T3] When electronic points die they can still kinda work.

I posted this in The Shop Talk Forums (Fuel Injection).  Because others
use electronic points I figured I should share it here because it DOES
apply to T3's that run them.

Taken from http://www.shoptalkforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=729759#729759
This just happened and I'm hoping someone has a solution. This is on my
'73 Porsche 914 running a stock 2.0L engine with stock D-Jet FI.:
Drive to the store in the teener, no problems. Get groceries and get back
into car. Drive thru parking lot, shift into 2nd, and hear a loud pop!
Didn't think anything of it, lots of traffic around. Get onto main road
and when shifting I hear a shotgun blast behind me (I'm frickin' serious,
it's LOUD, with the targa off). Glancing at the instrumentation, I see my
tach needle swinging wildly before finally resting around 2.5Krpm. Hmm. I
take my foot of the gas. Tach dies! Put my foot back on the gas (fairly
gently) and the tach comes back to life and BAM! I'm backfiring!! Foot
off, tach dies. Foot on, tach lives and a backfire. When I came home I
took my foot off the gas, put the car in neutral, and coasted onto the
driveway and into the garage -- engine was dead.
The problem was the electronic points I was using.  This happened out of
the blue, without warning.  I put in the stock mechanical points and the
problem was fixed -- after a little "by ear" timing adjustments the engine
runs fine (but will eventually go under the timing gun for proper timing).

What *completely baffled* me was that the engine would run fine as long as
the gas pedal was pressed, even if by the slightest amount.  Anyway, just
another bit of something to throw into people's knowledge bucket.

    Toby Erkson
    '72 Squareback, 2007cc, GB 5-speed, full rag top
    '73 Porsche 914 2.0L, WIP; '81 Honda Goldwing, stripped
    '95 Jetta 2.0L, CHE w/Peloquin LSD, SCCA EP racecar & daily driver

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