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[T3] Fuel pump relay troubles while trying to sell

Hello all,

It's been a while; I hope everybody is doing well! 
The reason for my e-mail is that I have run into a
problem with my fuel system.

I have a '69 Square with Fuel Injection and an Auto
Tranny in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (for those who don't
remember). It's also for sale!  

It seems as though my fuel system is not working
properly. I've isolated the problem to being either
with the fuel pump relay, the FI brain or the voltage
supply relay; the pump works fine! I was wondering how
I can test these components without having to buy new

The wiring is also totally screwed and I was wondering
if somebody could clear up how this should all be
wired as the manual conflicts with itself in regards
to how it should all be wired up.

Right now the fuel pump relay has a dual prong with
one going to the pump and the other nowhere.  another
prong in the middle which goes to terminal 30 (always
hot) and the special plug with two wires travelling to
the brain...this is correct isn't it? In the manuals
diagrams this matches the 'fuel' section, but
conflicts with the full diagram that says the fuel
relay should be connect to the voltage supply relay as

If it is the fuel pump relay, which I hope it is, is
this the proper part:


Thanks in advance for any and all help!!

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