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Re: [T3] 'Nutha Nubee

<x-flowed>DouglasG=> Should I be concerned about the oil leaks?

Some 'controlled seepage' is not unusual, but it's never negligible. Stopping leakage is always good. That said, case leaks are often really hard to fix without pulling the case apart. Find out where you're leaking from, and we'll be able to say more.

=> gasket kit every 30K miles for vw's... myth?

Most of what you hear about VWs is myth. Any categorical characterization, certainly.

=> Perhaps I should just have it rebuilt?

That's the only way to be secure about the motor, but it's an expensive fix if it's not needed. I'd suggest driving it for a while to get a feel for it first.

=> The parts car has F.I. with some issues.

Issues with FI are frequently misdiagnosed. The FI gods here will want details.

=> we need something 'mechanic-friendly'.

If you can find a wrench who knows enough about carbs to do right for you, you can find one who can handle the FI too. The sad fact is that both these arts are being lost. Consider this as well: it's more mechanic-friendly if the mechanic can use the manual. Modifications erode that.

=> Are the Webers a good match for the 1600cc?

34s, I'll guess -- some people like 'em. Stock carbs are much easier to deal with. Getting even small amounts of additional power out of the motor requires much more than bolting on some fuelier carbs.

No matter what your level of expertise, every application of non-stock parts is an experiment, requiring some fussing around and carrying the risk of unhappy or unexpected effects, which usually show up when you're already late for something important. If the driver is not necessarily down for that, I'd recommend coloring inside the lines as much as possible on this ride. You get more dependability that way, and problems are much easier to diagnose.

If upgrades seem desirable, stop and ask why. Has your son driven a well-tuned and maintained Type 3 before? Hint: It's not like a bug at all.

=> is most of the running gear from the 1970 swappable with the 1969?

Most. If the '69 was an FI car, even more.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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