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[T3] 'Nutha Nubee

<x-flowed>My son has purchased a '69 Fastback that was a stalled restoration project. They had started with the body/paint. When we received it, the motor was out and in buckets (there was actually another party between us and the original restorer). We have consequently found out that we did have the correct motor and what we DID have was not complete (block only). So the local VW specialty shop said they could build us a motor for $995 + $300 core (incorrect block). But on top of that would be all of the ancillary items (dist, oil pump, generator, FI, etc..) that were missing. Although it did come with two Weber carbs. This was looking pretty expensive! So, I located a parts car (thankyou vwtype3.org classifieds) and purchased it (1970 FB runner). The previous owner was pretty sure it had about 30K on a rebuild, but it was leaking oil. So, I'd like to glean some wisdom as we are now faced with a few decisions.

This car is for my 17 year-old son. We're not looking for a hot-rod although smart upgrades are desired.
Should I be concerned about the oil leaks? I've heard about a gasket kit every 30K miles for vw's... myth?
Perhaps I should just have it rebuilt? We only spent $10 on the '69 and $850 for the '70 so I don't mind putting some money rebuilding if that is wise.

The parts car has F.I. with some issues. I've been reading the posts recently about FI vs Carbs and although the FI may be alright, I'm not going to be working on this and neither is my son. So we need something 'mechanic-friendly'. Are the Webers a good match for the 1600cc?

Lastly (for now), is most of the running gear from the 1970 swappable with the 1969?

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