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[T3] My Valves and my thoughts

Ill start with the story from the beginning, for those that didn't catch it
the first time.

The engine has 109K on it now and the heads (Aftermarket with VW valves)have
64Kmi on them.  For the first 60K miles of their life the valves never moved
much, and most of the mileage on the car is highway at 70MPH.  The #3Exaust
valve has tightened a total of .011 in those miles, but after driving
through the desert at 103F and 70-75MPH I checked the valves and #3E was
found with no clearance in Lakeview OR, it didn't move anymore during the
Oregon and CA parts of the trip as it was still at .006 when we got back to
Lakeview, but at North Platte NE  it was down to no clearance again after
cruising at 80MPH for a good part of the day.  So I slowed down to 70 again
and it was again at no clearance when I reached  Cincinnati OH, so it wasn't
just the speed.  

WELL... I just checked them again and after driving home from Cincinnati
approx 750mi it has only moved .002 and that's with some 80MPH stints on the
NYS thruway.  It SEEMS to be settling down to a comfortable spot again after
sinking at least .020 in about 4Kmi.

The Valve gaskets ( I use the neoprene rubber ones from FelPro) were FRIED!
The were new at the start of the trip and looked like they had been on there
for years when I got back. I really do think I got the heads too hot in the
	Off to the lake with the boat behind it tommoro, we'll see how it
does now.



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