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Re: [T3] Radius Arm

<x-flowed>When I did this, I found that I could rotate the cover a bit and get one hole lined up enough to get a long thin bolt right through, then using that as a pivot I could lever the cover round with a jack to get another' long but correct thread' in. Then still using a jack I could strain the cover round far enough to start another, remove the thin one and replace it with a real one etc. It's a right pig of a job with new doughnuts but they sure do improve the roadholding.


Jim Adney wrote:

On 9 Aug 2006 at 16:39, Mike Fisher wrote:

I got the radius arm up a spline and bolted back to the axle using the floor jack/chain method BUT my torsion bar cover is about a bolt hole off ! So, I'm a little bewildered wondering what my next move ought to be?

I've got a feeling that one of the main reasons that so many cars get lowered is that it's SO hard to get the torsion bars back in place with the proper pretension.

I'm guessing that the torsion bar cover is sitting high. It might help to use a second chain wrapped around the outer end of the torsion bar with a large pry bar to lever it down. Once you get it down far enough, put in some longer than stock bolts to start pulling it into place. It probably helps to lube the bushings, too, but don't lube them with anything that will stay slippery. They MUST eventually dry out and no longer slip. Use talc or soap and water.

You may need to take everything apart again and start over with everything lubed, then press it all back together in one sitting.

Pull the cover in, using progressively shorter bolts until you can tighten the original bolts back in place.

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