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Re: [T3] Radius Arm

<x-flowed>I got the radius arm up a spline and bolted back to the axle using the floor jack/chain method BUT my torsion bar cover is about a bolt hole off ! So, I'm a little bewildered wondering what my next move ought to be? Mike Fisher Harrisburg, OR
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On 7 Aug 2006 at 16:29, Mike Fisher wrote:

I've got the radius arm free from the axle but have only about 3/16" gap so
far prying with a crow bar. The arm is resting on the ledge still. I tried
lifting ARM with jack to get it off the ledge but didn't have much better
luck prying that way. Should I try hammering on the backside of the ARM?
Is a crowbar the only possible tool used to separate the radius arm from the
torsion bar?

There is a LOT of force/torque on that spline. Make SURE that you're not in a position to get hurt when the arm finally slips out and swings down.

I think the best way to pull the arm out is to jack it up while
prying on the backside. The manual shows a special tool being used to
do the jacking, but there are other ways to do it. I've heard of
people using a floor jack but chaining the body of the jack to the
car above so that the body can't just lift up. The problem is that
the swing arm is pretty short when you're doing this so it takes more
force here than the weight of that corner of the car.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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