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Re: [T3] Dave and Anne reporting in

Thanks for your best wishes - I'll pass them on.  I doubt it would put her off
coming again, as she very much enjoyed the trip (err - I mean holiday).  Those
little chunks of kerb seem a bit of a menace - I kicked a few unintentionally -
but I guess you learn the lesson falling over them when you're tiny and still
bounce!   We don't usually have them here, it would often be a full kerb with
planted border or a pavement (sidewalk).

Quoted time for recovery seems to be 4 to 6 weeks.  It was set and wired
yesterday evening, and the latest is that it's swollen and painful.  I guess
that's normal.  Hoping to be able to collect her later today.

Things could have been a lot worse - later that day we rounded a corner to come
face-to-face with a pick-up driver on our side of the road overtaking a large
semi between blind bends on Route 1 and had to brake hard to miss him.  If he'd
waited another 10 seconds he would have had a half-mile long straight to do it
in safety.
We were surprised at the number of roads with no protection from sheer drops -
eg Crater Lake and Route 1 - it would look ugly I guess, and there would need to
be a lot of it.   If you want a nerve-jangling experience, sit with Keith
driving round the crater rim with one hand and half an eye on the road while
taking photos out of the sun-roof with his other hand and 1.5 eyes!  I only
moved my hand involuntarily towards the wheel once.  I seem to recall that Brian
and Anne had a similar episode at Hershey when Brian took both hands off the
wheel to show Anne how straight Keith's Notch was tracking.    It's all good
fun.  ;-)

I'd love to get a few more of the UK Type 3ers out there.  I bet somewhere there
are funds to help with transport costs on the basis of developing international
links through special interest groups.  I did make some enquiries a few years
ago with the British Council and English-speaking Union - but got nowhere.
Maybe some of you have contacts we could follow up for the next time.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> On 7 Aug 2006 at 1:00, Dave Hall wrote:
> > While watching the Western Pacific steam locomotive setting off from Fort
> > on our last full day of the holiday, Anne stepped back a bit and fell over
> > of the parking lot kerbs, breaking her radius (lower-arm bone) near the
> > quite badly.
> Dave, best wishes to Ann for a speedy recovery. I hope this does not
> completely spoil her view of the US and future Type 3 Invasions.
> About how long will she be recovering?
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