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Re: [T3] looking for a picture of

<x-flowed>what I have done is to cut away the bad fender so it is off the car
what the people have done is welded solid in the seam and ground it flat
I have I cut back to I think close but hard to see what it is to look like

as for the early fenders I picked them up and held the ds to the car they are now looking for new home as the fenders are shorter in length and the shape near the window pillar (which is my above problem) is very different

so I have a real nice set of early fenders that I would trade for late fenders

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On 7 Aug 2006 at 12:46, Tim Johnson wrote:

hey all been working on my 72 square
some one had welded the frt fenders on with the idea of smoothing out the
body line so they welded up the body seam
I cut away the fender and left metal on the to and I think I can see the
weld line but not sure can someone take a pick of there's and send to me so
I can see if I'm looking at the right spot

Can't you tell from feeling on the underside? I'd think that would be as good as a photo. You could also drill a hole or 2 in the corner from below, just to give you an indicator which you could weld over later.

also will early fenders (not sure what year )has round signal  fit
as I have access to a set .

I think this has been done, but it doesn't fit right and never looks right. Better to arrange a trade with someone else who needs early fenders.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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