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Re: [T3] Suggestions on finding a short in the wiring harness?

There may be some electrochemical activity taking place on the battery posts
that's producing a high resistance coating.  I once had a problem with using
copper grease on terminals, and removing and refitting the clamps let it work OK
until the next time.  Clean the connections thoroughly and don't use anything on
them, and see if that does it.

The other thing that can be troublesome is the clamp itself.  Don't replace a
corroded or broken clamp with an aluminium cast one, as it can oxidise and cause
problems - only use the nickel-plated brass ones.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

> > OK, now the problem. When the key is put in the run position, the car
> > is fine, I hear the fuel pump going, and all lights and accessories
> > get power. When the starter button is depressed, the car immediately
> > loses ALL power. No fuses blow in the glovebox, but everything dies,
> > and stays dead, until the battery is disconnected and reconnected. Is
> > there a circuit breaker I don't see in the wiring harness that is
> > tripping? I'm thinking that the short is occuring in either the
> > starter/solenoid, the generator/regulator or the wiring of those to
> > the battery, as all accessories seem to work fine.

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