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Re: [T3] Suggestions on finding a short in the wiring harness?

<x-flowed>Sounds to me like there might be a corroded earth connection on the battery circuit somewhere. These have a habit of getting hot and breaking down when a lot of current is required but function well enough to run low current items. Let the high resistance joint cool down and it works again for light items. First thing I'd do is remove and clean the earth straps from the battery to the body and particularly the one underneath, from the body to the transmission. This is the main earth from the engine and therefore the starter depends on it.

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<< OK, now the problem. When the key is put in the run position, the car
is fine, I hear the fuel pump going, and all lights and accessories
get power. When the starter button is depressed, the car immediately
loses ALL power. No fuses blow in the glovebox, but everything dies,
and stays dead, until the battery is disconnected and reconnected. Is
there a circuit breaker I don't see in the wiring harness that is
tripping? I'm thinking that the short is occuring in either the
starter/solenoid, the generator/regulator or the wiring of those to
the battery, as all accessories seem to work fine. Any suggestions of
what to check? Anybody experience anything like this? >>

I know there isn't a circuit breakeron these cars. It sounds like the solenoid is sticking if it's engaging from just pushing the button. The PO might have wired the push button wrong, and this is causing part of the problem. You might want to look on the Samba for a wiring diagram (they're in color), to kinda help you go thru the system.

You mention that with the car running, everything is normal, so this also points to the starter / soleniod, and it's releated wiring. If you could tell us how the PO "hot" wired the starter, we might be able to help you some more. But with the limited description, we're kind shooting in the dark here.

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