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Re: [T3] Need help with engine problem diagnosis

On 7 Aug 2006 at 11:04, Roush, Norman wrote:

> I was driving home Friday afternoon and heard a noise that sounded like
> flapping loose sheet metal.  I did not notice any change in engine
> performance.  I check all sheet metal and found nothing loose.  With the
> engine cover off the noise sounds like something rattling around in the
> engine case but is not constant.  It sounds like a crack or bang but not
> terribly loud. 

Naturally there are lots of possibilities, so you really have to 
narrow this down before you panic. Keep in mind that most of the 
possibilities are fairly benign. I'd try the stethoscope concept 
first, just to see if you can pinpoint it, but here are some 
possibilities to keep in mind.

Heat shield come loose on one end of a stock muffler.

Damper pipe loose in a stock muffler.

One loose screw, fan housing to case. Note that there are 5 fasteners 
here, so one loose one won't make the housing loose, but the loose 
screw is captured between the fan housing and the fan and will beat 
up the fan until one of them is destroyed. Unfortunately, the fan 
usually loses if this doesn't get fixed right away. This happened to 
Keith's engine on the way to the Invasion, and we found it impossible 
to pinpoint the source of the sound by any of the described means. We 
finally just pulled the fan and housing in desperation and out 
dropped the loose bolt.

Loose fan to crank bolt.

Loose cooling tin somewhere (check top and bottom) on the engine.

Loose intake or exhaust manifold.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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