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Re: Newbie w. a couple of questions

I have thought about the possibility of rebuilding myself, but as this is my daily driving car I dont think that I would 
be able to do so in any sort of a timely fashion without buying another car. 
I'm not positive that I will need to rebuild, but I would love to get a second opinion from another mechanic. I do 
believe that Steven is right when he said it was my head studs coming out. My mechanic said that I could drive on 
this engine as is for years, but that I would never get the power and fuel economy that I'm looking for without re-
building. I'm going through 2 or 3 tanks of gas a week as is, and hate the thought that this is my fate. 
I dont think that my mechanic did a compression or torque test, just tried to tighten, and knew that if he went further 
they would break and I would for sure need a new engine. 

As far as the parts go.... I need new lights for the front parking lights and the rear lights. And I would love to get a 
new bumper- mine was perfect until it rolled down and small hill and into a short wall one afternoon, causing an 
unsightly, but manageable dent.
Other than that a roof rack is tops on my list.... 

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>  From: mackenzie <mackenzie@lilyandscooter.com>
>  Subject: Newbie w. a couple of questions
>  Sent: Aug 07 '06 13:34
>  Hi,
>  I'm a newbie T3 owner ('71 square) that I absolutely love, but am not yet at the stage of fixing my own car (with 
>  and a good basic class I'll be on my way later this year) but in the meantime I've been told by my mechanic that I 
>  to look into rebuilding my engine (something about bolts that cant be tightened anymore, causing me to get 
>  horrible gas mileage and less than stellar power in 1st & 2nd). This leads me to a couple of questions.... 1. Does 
>  know of a good resource in the LA area for rebuilt engines? And what should I be looking for on places like Craigs 
>  and Ebay? 2. Does anyone know of a good mechanic in the same area that can help with the rebuilding of my 
>  (mine doesnt want to it). And lastly, does anyone know of good cosmetic parts resources in the area or further 
>  that I may be able to find some lights, a new bumper and possibly a roof rack? These I may be able to start 
working on
>  myself....
>  Thanks! and I look forward the chatting with you all more- its fun to read all the posts.
>  Mackenzie

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