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[T3] Suggestions on finding a short in the wiring harness?

<x-flowed>I have a 70 squareback, and it has a short somewhere that popped up
the other day, and is preventing me from driving the car. It showed
itself as i was driving home from work on a day when i had to drive to
work in a bad rainstorm. It does get a bit of water into the cabin
when driven in bad rain, and this time i found a bit of water in the
battery compartment. The short didn't go away when all the water
evaporated though, so it may be coincidental.

First off, the mods to the car. EFI was pulled for baby Webers prior
to my owning the car unfortunately. The shop that did the conversion
clearly had no clue what they were doing, as shown by the use of the
stock fuel pump with no fuel pressure regulator, pumping 15 psi into
carbs designed for 3. I'm sure they didn't bother to remove or
disconnect the EFI wiring, but that'll be the first thing I check when
I get out to work on the car. Also, the ignition cylinder had an issue
with the previous owner, so he removed the starter wires and wired
them into a momentary pushbutton switch.

OK, now the problem. When the key is put in the run position, the car
is fine, I hear the fuel pump going, and all lights and accessories
get power. When the starter button is depressed, the car immediately
loses ALL power. No fuses blow in the glovebox, but everything dies,
and stays dead, until the battery is disconnected and reconnected. Is
there a circuit breaker I don't see in the wiring harness that is
tripping? I'm thinking that the short is occuring in either the
starter/solenoid, the generator/regulator or the wiring of those to
the battery, as all accessories seem to work fine. Any suggestions of
what to check? Anybody experience anything like this?

Thanks to all for their help,


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