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Re: [T3] Newbie w. a couple of questions

<x-flowed>Mackenzie=> I've been told by my mechanic that I need to look into
=> rebuilding my engine (something about bolts that cant be tightened
=> anymore, causing me to get horrible horrible gas mileage and less
=> than stellar power in 1st & 2nd).

A mechanic telling someone that s/he needs a rebuild is one of the more common motivations bringing people to this list. You are in the right place.

It may be that you have some head studs coming out, which would cause some loss of compression; but these symptoms could also be simple stuff related to timing. You may have one of the good mechanics, but be aware that very few mechanics, even those who have been working on VWs for a long time, are up on the special needs of Type 3s. (This is not us wiseguys asserting superiority, it is just fact.) So my first approach would be to determine that you have a good diagnosis.

Your mechanic may have already answered two questions:
* What were the results of the compression test?
* Did he actually put a torque wrench on the head studs, and at what weight?

If head studs are your real problem, you may be able to get those fixed without opening up the case. But this problem indicates that the previous rebuilder may not have been as careful as you would like, so going farther with it might be wise.

There are various options for rebuilds, particularly in SoCal. Be aware that less money means less quality, to the point where certain well-advertised shops are also well known for product failures. The most reliable result will come from someone with lots of experience, and it will take valuable time, which costs money.

The difficulty of finding body parts varies with the part: some are easy, some are very hard. Be specific and ask here first.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
66 343

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