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Re: [T3] Need help with engine problem diagnosis

Check to make sure that the timing pully(air turbin)
is not loose. Phil

--- "Roush, Norman" <norman.roush@hp.com> wrote:

> I was driving home Friday afternoon and heard a
> noise that sounded like
> flapping loose sheet metal.  I did not notice any
> change in engine
> performance.  I check all sheet metal and found
> nothing loose.  With the
> engine cover off the noise sounds like something
> rattling around in the
> engine case but is not constant.  It sounds like a
> crack or bang but not
> terribly loud.  I drained the oiled and it looked
> clean.  I used a stiff
> wire and a magnet to see if anything was in the sump
> but found nothing.
> I checked the compression and it was #1 110#, #2
> 95#, #3 100# and #4
> 110#.  With the oil bath off the noise did seem to
> be louder and coming
> from inside the air intake distributor.  Thinking it
> could be backfiring
> I checked and adjusted the values and timing but all
> seemed OK. The
> noise is very intermittent at idle so I slowing
> drove around the block
> and found it happens frequently under load.  If a
> rod bolt came loose or
> a bearing shattered would pieces fall to the sump? 
> Could it be a short
> arching?  The engine is a stock 1600 with FI and
> manual transmission. 
> For those in the SF South Bay (Sunnyvale, San Jose
> area) can you suggest
> a mechanic in the area?  I cannot teardown and
> rebuild the engine myself
> an need help.
> Thanks in advance,
> Norman
> '68 Squareback
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> mailto:gregm@vwtype3.org

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