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[T3] Need help with engine problem diagnosis

I was driving home Friday afternoon and heard a noise that sounded like
flapping loose sheet metal.  I did not notice any change in engine
performance.  I check all sheet metal and found nothing loose.  With the
engine cover off the noise sounds like something rattling around in the
engine case but is not constant.  It sounds like a crack or bang but not
terribly loud.  I drained the oiled and it looked clean.  I used a stiff
wire and a magnet to see if anything was in the sump but found nothing.
I checked the compression and it was #1 110#, #2 95#, #3 100# and #4
110#.  With the oil bath off the noise did seem to be louder and coming
from inside the air intake distributor.  Thinking it could be backfiring
I checked and adjusted the values and timing but all seemed OK. The
noise is very intermittent at idle so I slowing drove around the block
and found it happens frequently under load.  If a rod bolt came loose or
a bearing shattered would pieces fall to the sump?  Could it be a short
arching?  The engine is a stock 1600 with FI and manual transmission. 

For those in the SF South Bay (Sunnyvale, San Jose area) can you suggest
a mechanic in the area?  I cannot teardown and rebuild the engine myself
an need help.

Thanks in advance,
'68 Squareback

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