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Re: [T3] Dave and Anne reporting in

Yes, flight(s) went fine, and they even got the luggage transferred at Newark
NJ.  Since we didn't even end up with enough time for a smoothie (becoming the
highlight of a visit to EWR), they did pretty well.  We had a good view of most
of the US apart from an area East of the Rockies (Keith will probably be able to
tell you where the cloud cover was).  It's pretty clear from 30,000 feet that
you've got some lovely and interesting geography, salt-lakes, canyons, patchwork
fields etc, but loads of empty space between!  Anne had the window seat most of
the way back, so it took her mind off the discomfort a bit.

Steve (youngest son), had the Polo at the airport to collect us - so he does
have a use after all! - only kidding; he'll probably be doing the cooking, if
only in self-preservation.  He's lined-up a programming job while we've been
away, so that's a relief.

I'm kicking myself for not leaving the repro late auto brake-pedal rubbers and
Fastback number plate light seals with one of you to keep -  silly to take so
far and bring back.  Not too hard to send though if anyone needs one.

I'll pass the good wishes onto Anne when I see her, hopefully later today.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> dave, please pass annie our best wishes and a speedy recovery!  other
> than annie's arm, did the flight go okay?  luggage arrive with you?
> polo still where you left it?

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