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RE: [T3] Invasion pictures -- the cars!!!

Joe, I just might drive to the next one if I had some company with someone
with more mechanical ability than I.  Keep that in mine in 2008.  Jim Adney
seems to think it would be a good idea, but as you can see from the Caravan
posts, he and a few others are a bit braver than I am.  Maybe we can have
the next one in Atlanta.  I know I'll drive that far.

To all the other invaders: I spent two weeks traveling from San Francisco to
Vancouver, but Peg and I enjoyed the Invasion part of the trip as much as
anything we did.  If I don't drive my T3 to the next one, I'll get there by
some means.  You are a great group of folks and I enjoyed adding a few more
faces to the names I see every day on the list.

Marion McDonald
Lawrenceville, Ga.

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Thanks Greg, for the photo tour...Wish I could have been there.
Maybe next year...I might talk Marion into driving IF he had company from

> From: "Greg Merritt" <gregm@vwtype3.org>
> Ok, here's almost 200 pictures of the Type Threes that were physically on
> the grounds of Saturday's car show:

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