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[T3] Dave and Anne reporting in

Hi all,
Well, we're back again in England, though like some of you others not without
While watching the Western Pacific steam locomotive setting off from Fort Bragg
on our last full day of the holiday, Anne stepped back a bit and fell over one
of the parking lot kerbs, breaking her radius (lower-arm bone) near the wrist
quite badly.  The local hospital patched her up with a splint and pain-killers,
and she's now in the hospital here in Bristol overnight to get it pinned
tomorrow, as it still didn't look too good under the x-ray after they had set

We really enjoyed the holiday though - apart from that episode and the next few
weeks of recovery - and will remember with fondness all the friendly Type 3
people and excellent cars we met, and met again in some cases.  Those who missed
the fireworks at Myrtle Creek, they really were great, and I've some good photos
to show when I get onto an even keel again after being up for about 30 hours
without proper sleep.

Thanks to Brian and Shannon and all the invaders for making the Invasion a
success once again, and to Keith and Annie for the rides, Jim for the bits, John
for the shirts, Greg and Hal for their sight-seeing suggestions (you're right,
Greg, Fort Ross is fascinating, and worth the twisting hair-raising road trip
along US 1), and everyone for their friendship.

Department of Homeland Security once again were curious to see the VW parts in
my case, but I left a note this time and they seemed to have understood, and
just left their own note - though Anne had to have swabs taken at SFO for her
cast and broken arm in case it wasn't what it seemed.

So I reckon we won't forget this invasion for all the right reasons, and the odd
wrong one.

I'll get some stuff up on the web in due course, in between learning to cook for
us both!

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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