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Re: [T3] Traction bars?

<x-flowed>TimK=> I've noticed a good cross wind can make my baby wiggle like a
=> fish swimming.

Several factors can contribute to this problem:

Font and rear alignment: a good, professional alignment is essential to proper performance. A badly aligned Type 3 drives like a Bug or worse.

Steering play: make sure your steering is tight (1/2-1" at the steering wheel); if it's not, check all joints and the steering box.

Steering damper: this little shock absorber does more for steering than it looks like it should.

Tire inflation: if you're low on one side, you'll notice it in performance.

Sidewall flex: tires that are too soft flex more side-to-side; this is particularly noticeable in crosswind.

Empty front compartment: the suspension is balanced for driver and passenger; if you drive alone a lot, another 60-100 pounds of something in the trunk will improve performance.

Ride height: measure carefully to make sure that no previous owner has adjusted the ride height unevenly or above stock height.

To answer your subject-line question, you have a built-in front anti-sway bar, and the stock rear torsion-bar setup is really pretty good. There was a sort of rear anti-sway option available for Squarebacks, usually called a Z-bar, but that was designed specifically for handling heavy loads.

I run an aftermarket camber compensator, sort of a transverse leaf spring, that adds a little stiffening and cornering performance, but its main job is to prevent wheel tuck in hard cornering by adding downward force on the inside wheel.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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