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Re: [T3] T3 generators question

<x-flowed>Thanks Jim,
That's good detective work. I wonder if the M630/633 was the police 12v version while the rest of us were still on 6v?

Jim Adney wrote:

On 2 Aug 2006 at 9:11, Chris Wright wrote:

Thanks for the feedback Jim, and it sounds as though he has the right stuff and it's behaving normally, so I've passed that on to him.

But are you certain the 38amp is a T2 part as it's got a 311 part number? It looked from the suffixes (C on the 38amp and F on the 30amp) as though VW started to fit 38amp gennies to the T3 but then swapped to the 30amp type. I don't have a type 3 parts book to check this theory.

I checked the microfilm, and you're right: The C generator was a 12 V generator. It was used up thru '66 as part of the M630/M633 12 V, specially suppressed, option. I can't verify the current output. It looks like it should be the same large diameter as the late 12 V units, since it takes the late fan housing.

I don't find it in any of my Bosch references, but I might have more luck if I had the 10 digit Bosch part number.

Interestingly, the microfilm says that the C generator goes with a special "supressor housing" which is unpictured and I don't think I've ever seen whatever this is.

I agree that it looks intriguing, but one wonders whether it would be possible to keep in service, since replacement parts might be unavailable. The standard 12 V generator remains the unit of choice, since it is reliable and supplies more than enough current for 99% of users.

And, yes, I know the alternator conversion advocates will disagree with me on this last statement, but I'm still going to stick with my opinion.

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