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Re: [T3] car update

On 1 Aug 2006 at 22:36, Matt Sanderson wrote:

> I really wish dad and i could have come to the invasion this year but  
> due to my F*** up with my little drive to Whistler i have no car, o  
> well. For the 08 invasion dad and i are hopeful to have both  
> Notchbacks ready.

Maybe I just missed it, but what happened on the way to Whistler? We 
missed seeing the 2 of you at Invasion '06.

> Here is an update for my new engine.  

> Dad n I are trying to build a  
> 1776cc engine but so far we have had nothing but problems. First off  
> one of the connecting rods was two tenths of a millimeter to small so  
> it didn't move freely on my crankshaft. After we had it replaced it  
> worked just fine.

It's good that you noticed this and stopped. Some people would just 
push forward and throw this rod when they tried to run this engine 
later. My luck with rebuilt rods has always been good, but I've had 
them done by Berg or RIMCO.

I don't see any need for new rods unless you are building an extra 
large engine or need different geometry. Even VW seems to be okay 
with straightening bent rods, as they have a jig for doing this.

I guess one potential problem with reconditioned rods would be 
different center to center lengths. I work with a former automotive 
machinist who explained to me that even doing the whole set at one 
time on one of the fancy rod machines does not assure matching 
lengths. Seems odd that this would be the case, but he says that 
doing 4 at a time only gets the job done 4 times faster.

Your experience with an undersized big end should clearly never have 
happened and probably means that this big end was never re-sized 
after grinding off the faces.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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