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Re: [T3] T3 generators question

<x-flowed>Thanks Jim. Looking on Russ's web site at generator specs I saw the 38amp spec listed against a Bosch 450X12/2700-14V38AA32.
The part number I found on the Samba for that was 311-906-031C, (someone is selling one for a Type3). The 38amp gennie in Russ's specs had a regulator Bosch number UA14V38A. I couldn't find a part number for that, but I don't have a T3 parts book.

The 30amp version John has on his car is 311-906-031F. The 30amp regulator he has is 113 903 803E (14V 30A) Bosch no. 0190 350 068 which the Bosch book says is right for his Gennie.

So I deduced (probably wrongly) that at some point type 3s had a 38amp gennie and it later was changed to the 30amp and used the late type1 regulator. Maybe the 38amp was an M code?

Anyway, your response has reassured him that hes got the right one and it will get hot, so he's happy. It's just the mystery of the 38amp version I was left with.

Rgds Chris

Jim Adney wrote:

On 2 Aug 2006 at 9:11, Chris Wright wrote:

Thanks for the feedback Jim, and it sounds as though he has the right stuff and it's behaving normally, so I've passed that on to him.

But are you certain the 38amp is a T2 part as it's got a 311 part number? It looked from the suffixes (C on the 38amp and F on the 30amp) as though VW started to fit 38amp gennies to the T3 but then swapped to the 30amp type. I don't have a type 3 parts book to check this theory.

I didn't read your numbers carefully enough. I can check once I get home, but from the C suffix, my guess is that this is a 6 V, 38 A generator. I had thought that the 6 V generators were 60 A. Once again, not what you want.

I'll look into all this once I get home.

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