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[T3] car update

<x-flowed>Hey all

I really wish dad and i could have come to the invasion this year but due to my F*** up with my little drive to Whistler i have no car, o well. For the 08 invasion dad and i are hopeful to have both Notchbacks ready.

Here is an update for my new engine. Dad n I are trying to build a 1776cc engine but so far we have had nothing but problems. First off one of the connecting rods was two tenths of a millimeter to small so it didn't move freely on my crankshaft. After we had it replaced it worked just fine. Dad n i decided to try and fit the cylinders and the heads on. And to our disappointment the heads did not fit. They were made for a 1600 engine not a 1776, so they are off getting machined and we will have them back tomorrow, I have also decided to buy new rods since we have had nothing but problems with the reconditioned ones. Do you have any suggestions on recondition parts? Should i stay away from certain parts or all of em in general.

Dad will be picking up the new rods that we have ordered and the heads from the machine shop. Soooo if al goes well, we should have everything done and completed tomorrow, if not the engine will be completed by friday. On Saturday we will be pushing the car around from the front of the house to back so we have raise the back end of the car up one notch so my ass isn't dragging on the ground anymore.

Wish us luck

Matt Sanderson
1965 VW Notchback S

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