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Re: [T3] T3 generators question

On 1 Aug 2006 at 16:47, Chris Wright wrote:

> I got a mail from someone with a T34 12v car whos regulator is getting 
> very hot.  He's tried changing it but no difference.
> The Generator is  311 903 031F (14V 30A 20) Bosch No 0101302 089 and the 
> regulator is 113 903 803E (14V 30A) Bosch no. 0190 350 068.
> This is obviously a 30amp matched pair.  I looked on the web and found 
> there was a 38amp generator 311 903 031C and  matching regulator.  My 
> first thought was that he had a 38amp generator with a 30amp regulator, 
> but not so, they are a pair.

I don't know the part numbers by heart, but all the 12 V type 3 generators are 
30 Amp. You want the 30 Amp regulator to work with it, which you apparently 
already have.

I think the only information you are missing is that the VRs have a resistor 
under them which typically gets quite hot. This is normal. No repair is needed.

> Can anyone say when the 38amp version was substituted with the 30amp 
> version and what might be causing his hot regulator?  There is no sign 
> of overload like the warning light glowing,  or any sign of the battery 
> not charging fully.  The only wire that gets slightly warm is the one 
> from the gennie to the regulator.

The larger generator is a '71 bus generator. It lacks the cooling hole that the 
type 3 needs, and it has a shaft at both ends, so there is an extra shaft that 
can get caught up in your wiring. You don't want this one in any type 3.

I'm surprised that the wire gets warm, but it may be that you're just feeling 
the VR heat at the VR end of that wire.
Jim Adney
Madison, Wisc., USA

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