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Re: [T3] Eastern Invasion Caravan

The Eastern Caravan is in North Platte, NE.  Had our first bad weather of the trip leaving Salt Lake City.  We were in rain for the first few hours and is was COLD.  Keith had 48F on his outside thermometer at one point.  It warmed up after lunch and turned out to be quite nice the rest of the day with highs in the upper 70s.  Was windy though.....fortunately it was mostly a tail wind.

Only mechnical problems we had were Jim's timing needing minor adjustment and the squeak that I heard from Sophy when we stopped for lunch.  Sounded like a belt squeaking.  After investigating, the triumvirant of VW minds was about to conclude that that was the problem...right up until I pushed on the air-cleaner and the squeak changed!  WHAT??  Moving the air cleaner around clearly effected the squeak.  Looking closely I noticed the lefthand carb moving when I pushed on the air-cleaner.  Jim reached in and tried to shake the carb and it was LOOSE!  And I mean really LOOSE, at the manifold to head joint.  Turns out the front nut was missing altogether and the rear one was nearly off the stud.

Sophy sure ran a lot better after tightening everything down and getting a new nut from Jim for the front manifold stud.  <G>  Only took 20 minutes or so and she was good as new....no permanent damage.

I am beginning to think that carb is cursed.  It is the same one that the main jet access plug fell out of on the way to Parma 4 years ago.   And the one that the idle cut-off jet failed on on the return trip from Parma. <G>

Only other excitement for the day was outrunning a tornadic supercell thunderstorm at the Wyoming/Nebraska border.  We got in front of it and stayed there.

I am on to Minneapolis tomorrow and then up to my parent's place in northern MN for a few days before finally heading to home Dearborn over the weekend.


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