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Re: [T3] Two videos from the 2006 Invasion show on Saturday.

When I took this video it was to show the air bag system in operation. 
While "filming" it I heard Greg giggling and so panned to him because that
reaction was PERFECT.  These are fun cars and the bare metal and bouncy
air bags add to the humor and fun.  At the DDB we are always ribbing each
other and acting goofy.  Even when we ride in the bucket we're not trying
to act cool -- people stare and at stops we'll air up/down and grin cuz we
know it's funny looking.  It's very likely that car will never become a
perfect "show car".  She's mostly a test bed and a silly car.  But she's

Greg, I had no intentions on embarassing you.  You laughing at The Bucket
and with your daughter, having a good time, is what it was about.  Just
showing what people missed.  Oh, and the DDB air bags ;-)

> Ya know, on first viewing, I was kind of embarrassed, falling around
> laughing like an idiot.
> Then I realized that I was falling around and laughing like an idiot
> who was practically outside of himself, having a silly-stupid good
> time.  Priceless!
> So, thanks for the video.  We all got a laugh out of it here. :)
> -Greg
> p.s.: The DDB Bucket is sooo silly and sooo brilliant.  How can you
> not love it?  And, Martin -- I suggested to my wife that the airbags
> are practically a bolt-on for our '69 Squareback... right? :P

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