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Re: [T3] 1971 Fastback with fuel injection, no start!

This is late being sent, because I was having trouble getting my wireless 
connection to work.


Sorry this has been so difficult for you, and so unrewarding so far, but I get
the impression that you're going about this in the right way, and that you're
persistent enough that you'll eventually succeed. Don't worry, we'll stick with
you thru this to the end.

On 29 Jul 2006 at 15:26, a.sterrett@att.net wrote:

> Problem is today I am still sitting here completely baffled as this fastback
> will not get power to the fuel pump and start.  Pump does run when I ground
> the connection back in the engine compartment.  I have run the tests you all
> have told me to do and it still comes back to "no power out of the fuel pump
> relay to the pump".  Do I need to try another relay or am I over looking
> something in the wiring?

If the pump runs when you ground the white wire at the left front of the engine 
compartment, then you have shown that the pump, the pump relay, and all the 
pump wiring forward of that grounding point are in good working order, so 
that's good news that you can cross those things off your list.  

Now, when you get in the car and turn the key ON, do you hear a relay click? 
There should be 2 clicks, about 1 second apart, but I'm pretty sure you won't 
be hearing the second one (which is the fuel pump relay.)  

If you don't hear the first click, check the main FI power relay under the back 
seat, behind the driver's side. It's screwed to the top of the kick plate. 
There will be two relays there, the FI relay is the one with the brown ground 
wire also captured under its mounting screw. Make sure that screw is tight, so 
that the wire is getting a good ground. Make sure the red wire from the battery 
+ terminal to that relay is good and well attached at the battery.  

If the main power relay still doesn't work, check to see that there is a wire 
to it that gets power when you turn the key ON. If not, chase down that wire 
and find out why the power isn't getting thru. It should get power from the 
ignition switch.

Once the main power relay works, if the pump relay still doesn't work check the
power and ground wires to the brain. There are TWO power wires from the main
power relay to the brain; they must BOTH be intact. Check the ends at the main
power relay, as well as the engine compartment ends at the left front of the
engine compartment. Make sure nothing has broken.

The brain gets its ground from a wire that goes to the center of the engine 
case. There will be several wires connected to ground; I believe that on a '71 
there will be a 3-lug ground connector on the breather base as well as a single 
lug connector along the center case seam. Make sure they are all good. I 
believe there are about 7 wires total which connect to these 4 lugs. They all 
need to be good.  

With the key ON, go to the engine compartment and push the throttle down. You 
should hear a series of clicks. If you hear the clicks then you know that the 
brain is getting power and ground. If you hear the clicks, but the fuel pump is 
still not getting energized, then I THINK the only possible explanation is that 
there is a problem within the brain itself. If that's the case, you need a 311 
D brain. I can send you a loaner to try and buy if you choose.  

Another thing you can try would be to see if the car will start if you run the
pump just by grounding that wire in the engine compartment.

Run thru these tests as far as you can, then let us know where you get stymied.

> Any help will be appreciated as I have found no one in Mobile, Al. area to be
> of any help on a FI system.  I understand with you all having a good time at
> the invasion it will be awhile before I receive additional help.  Just hope I
> can make the next invasion.

We'd like to see you there, too. We're considering several different locations 
for the '08 Invasion. Any of you out there who thinks you could host a good 
Invasion should think seriously about what you could do in your area and what 
kinds of facilities you could come up with. We would like to set the next one 
up in a different location from past years to let a different subgroup of our 
listees get in on the fun. The midwest is high on the list, but the south is 
not out of the question. The US, west coast and the NE states are probably not 
in the running this next time around.  

There will probably be lots of talk on this subject in the months to come, but 
we'll need to make a decision within the next year to give everyone time to 
make plans. I hope that in addition to attracting people from the nearby area 
we could also get at least a few people from more distant areas to make a  
medium sized trip to a central location. 
Jim Adney
Madison, Wisc., USA

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