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RE: [T3] horn internals, now DDB action

I really wish I had time to visit them on my trip out!  Next invasion it
will be a priority!  Course once I saw the place Im sure Id never want to

Might be overstimulated too...  for an eastern rust belt guy who hasn't seen
another Type 3 outside a show in years!


Top Notch Restorations
71 Squareback
65 Notchback "El Baja Rojo"
65 Squareback "Eggcrate"
87 golf "Winterat"
93 RX7 "Redstur"

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 >Time to give Martin at the DDB a ring...

Sure enough Martin had a horn for me, but wowie, the shop is humming!  I 
haven't been by for 6 months, and had no idea there was so much 
activity, it's a type 3 playground.  When I pulled up there were a half 
dozen cars out front, drivers, parts, and one squareback with it's new 
owners busily wire wheeling the floorboards.  Inside Bret was taking a 
break in the convertible square raising and lowering the air bags.  
Martin showed off a recently found stash of rust free sheet metal piled 
to the rafters.  There's another half dozen cars inside, two down the 
metal, one fasty was coming together after repaint (I've never seen a 
perfect headliner before).  You can see some of this action in the link:
 http://www.theddb.com/new <http://www.theddb.com/new>

Thanks for the horn guys!

Peter Parker
'66 Square; Phillip
Portland, OR

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