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RE: [T3] Insurance

An antique car insurer wont touch anybody under 25 (at least in NY) and its
written into the policy that no driver will be under 25.  I use Electric
with my square and have standard coverage on it, there is no difference with
them between and old car and a new one, the collision is a stated value..  I
don't believe its still possible for anyone under 21 to get their own policy
in NY anymore... they need to be on a parents policy.
	NY is tough... if anyone under 21 has had ANY accident of fault
forget ever driving again till your after 21.  Unless your super rich


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We're looking for insurance for our 67 SB & a 16 year old newly licensed 
driver?  Nobody seems to want to insure cars over 20 years old except State 
Farm.  They offer "Classic Car" under 2500 miles per year @ $45/six months, 
but won't insure Jack!  We're getting quotes of $150-200 per MONTH for Jack,

but don't want to even quote on an Old Car with 9 digit VIN rather than new 
17 digit VIN.  Need any tips on insuring Old Cars & Young Drivers?  Mike 

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