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Re: [T3] Insurance

<x-flowed>Our son always had his own policy. The insurance guy recomened it. And it was good as he has some of the kid problems. He first drove my 71 Squareback,the a 74 std bug, my Karmen Ghia. It was when he brought his own car is when the problems started. Texas Farm Bureau insurance, only sold to members I have used them since 1969..Costs a little more to insure him this way but IMHO it is well worth it. You can put him on a newer car, but most of the time the older the car the cheaper the insurance. Get your car appraised and get the insurance to agree on the value of the car!


Steven Ayres wrote:
Mike=> Nobody seems to want to insure cars over 20 years old

The 'classic-car' insurers are all quite happy to do this, but it's often hard to win a claim unless the car was in the garage when it was hit. Further, I drive my cars all the time and I live in an area where roads are long, so mileage limits won't work for me.

I've been insuring through Allstate for a dozen years, and I've made several claims, including one total loss, all of which have been fully and quickly covered. It's not the cheapest, of course.

I can't give any advice on the 16-year-old. In your place I'm sure that driving expenses would be entirely the kid's problem, not mine, and any driving s/he did (after extensive training) would be in his/her own car, not mine.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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