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RE: [T3] Eastern Caravan lodging

I would have LOVED to have stopped by!  Perhaps on the next invasion but
with only 2 weeks vacation the trip from NY takes too much time and with the
price of gas Ive been keeping the daily mileage low enough so that were not
rushed too much.
Your offer to bring stuff down is really appreciated!!  Do you have any 65
and up 3 bolt hinge rocker assy's?  Im also looking for a gas doorless early
RF fender with no rust.

Here's our chance rust belt buddies to save hours of work and a lot of $$ by
getting some decent western sheetmetal!



Since the invasion date is sneeking up.....
If anyone has part requests we can either bring the parts to the invasion or

you can pick them up here.

I see that the caravan isnt coming through Portland, too bad as we had a 
vision of all the t3's cruiseing down I-5...

But to remind those who are driving in, If any brake downs occur [we hope 
not] we can have parts ready to fix any need. [even new motors]

And if anyone wants to come in to do some shopping, I am sure you can find 

Also the campsite still has a few spots avail, so let us know if you are 
intrested in camping [and saving a few$$]

Also ,We are sponsoring a few awards that we will be bringing with us....

M. Magnia

See us first for your type 3 needs!

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