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Re: [T3] dropping the engine - was bad clutch 68 Fastback

Ok, finally got around to dropping the engine on my
One question: The lower front mounts for the
trans/engine - what MM are those bolts. I spent the
day lazily disconnecting the motor from the body, and
these 2 bolts have ended up giving me a bit of a
headache. Are they 30mm bolts? Do I need a wrench -
theres not enough room for a ratchet...
'68 Fastback

--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 11 Apr 2006 at 22:44, LeeAC wrote:
> > I will be DIY'ing this one. I'm fortunate that I
> have another car I can use
> > for commuting. 
> As long as you have some basic skills and the desire
> to do a good job, this is 
> your best choice for a quality job at reasonable
> cost.
> > Driving home the clutch really let me know it was
> > unhappy. 4th gear, 40-50mph for 10 minutes, then
> > downshift to find the clutch has all but
> disappeared.
> > To your point about the clutch noise. I've had the
> car
> > 4 months or so and I knew that it was on the way
> out
> > from day 1. But, brake work, fuel work etc took
> > precedence. 
> That's very reasonable. I think we all understand
> the problems that come with 
> buying a new/old car like this. You're the first
> person who's owned it in years 
> who noticed or cared that it needed attention, so
> the failures have really 
> piled up. Thanks for taking care of them.  ;-)
> > As for cost and advice, I see that JC Whitney are
> > asking 90 bucks for the clutch kit - do you have a
> > link to an article somewhere that may be able to
> give
> > me pointers on things to bear in mind when pulling
> the
> > clutch?
> First you should have a Bentley manual. I have some
> used ones here if you need 
> one. Don't even think about doing this blind. I
> don't know of any particular 
> article on this, but it's really not hard. There are
> just 2 things that can be 
> touchy: getting the engine out and in (and getting
> ALL the hoses, wires, and 
> cables disconnected and reconnected properly) and
> making sure the clutch disk 
> is centered with a pilot as you torque down the
> pressure plate.
> Since it doesn't sound like you're in a rush, I
> wouldn't buy anything at this 
> time. Open it up first and see what you find, then
> order the appropriate parts. 
> I have everything here that you might need, except
> for new cross shafts (but I 
> might have good used ones.) New cross shafts should
> be available from any 
> number of on-line sources (check aircooled.net
> first.)
> You should be able to get by with less than $90 in
> repair parts, maybe MUCH 
> less.
> -- 
> Jim Adney
> jadney@vwtype3.org
> Madison, WI 53711-3054
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