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Re: [T3] engine rpm / wheel rpm?

<x-flowed>I've been wondering how much "power" I gained from 25" tires to 21.9" 195/45 Kumho Supra on 7" baja wheels? They throw mud, but they also back off the tailgaters! Mike
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Subject: [T3] engine rpm / wheel rpm?

Hey y'all.

Does anyone know the ratio between engine rpm & true rear wheel rpm for 4th gear?

Just for the academic fun of it, I'm trying to figure out distance travelled per engine rpm, and how that figure changes by tire size. A seemingly slight change in tire size makes a surprising difference in total rolling circumference of the wheel - which turns into an even more significant number when multiplied by thousands of revolutions per minute, right? Maybe not a huge difference, but still fun to think about. I have an equation for it all, but I'm missing a variable!

I have no radio - these are the things I think about when I drive.

'72 square
redondo, ca

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