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Re: [T3] More engine rebuild Qs

<x-flowed>> From: BOB2TYPE3S@aol.com
1. What can I use to plug the large hole in the bellhousing (top right, looking
from the rear, near mounting bolt hole). ISTR this is for a sensor on the
Type 1 FI or something?

2. 8mm studs in case savers. What torque on the head nuts? >>

1.) Yes, this is a sensor hole for the t-1 FI. I don't know what you can put
in there, maybe another old sensor. (insert rolling eyes icon here)

Right, thanks :-). Some epoxy then...

2.) It's 18 ft lbs (25 Nm).

Thanks. Exactly what Bentley says for beetle heads (as per Jim's comment).

Don't forget to get an 1/8th inch pipe plug (prefereably a short brass one)
for the t-1 oil pressure sending unit hole (on the left top side of the case),

Very good point. That would have been messy and embarassing.

and you'll need a 8mm to 6mm step stud for the oil cooler bolt, and some way

Yes, there are no studs on there at the moment.

to plug the t-1 dipstick tube.

Got 3 turns of an M8 tap down it so I could screw & epoxy a short screw in there. The brass (?) tube is soft enough that the tap flared it a bit and went in OK. I did consider soldering some plumbing fittings over the end (10mm copper pipe would have hammered onto the tube) but didn't have a 10mm cap to hand.

I hope this helps.

Yes, I'd missed some of your points!


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