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Re: [T3] My turn...71 FB brake resevoir

Well, the two pipes go down in parallel, and one goes to the front of the m/c
and the other to the rear, so even though the last time I had to mess with the
m/c fluid fill tubes was in a field near Dusseldorf last year and I would guess
the left is rear (as you look at the reservoir from the front).
With mine being RHD and yours being LHD, I wouldn't assume
anything, but a look at the fill hoses positioning should tell you.  Of course,
it might just be that hose that connects the pipe to the elbow into the m/c, as
it was on mine.
Parts book for the fill lines seems to show left-hand (front view) is rear.

Don't pull anything off until you've checked that fill hose is sound!  If it's
like mine, it'll come flooding out if you put some fluid in.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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Subject: [T3] My turn...71 FB brake resevoir

> While getting my '71 FB ready for summer driving, I noticed that the
> brake fluid resevoir was almost empty. The one half still had some
> fluid, but the other side was near dry. To save me pulling all the
> wheels, which half is for the front and which half is for the rear. It
> was the side closest to the fender that was almost empty.
> This is the one that is mounted up on the firewall.
> It had a new master cylinder and main line replaced in 2001 and all the
> flex lines. No signs of fluid leaks at the wheels, without pulling them.
> The car had been sitting all winter, and with gas going to $2.82 a gal.
> today, I need to park my truck.
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