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Re: [T3] horn internals

<x-flowed> I get it now! OK, this will be my line of action. I've gone from corrosion/open circuit to closed circuit. There's really not much else I can do but pry off the seal and tweak the plate adjuster. Thanks all.

Peter Parker
'66 Square; Phillip
Portland, OR

Dave Hall wrote:

It should be mendable since the coil has electrical conductivity through it. In
the ones I've seen, the flat plate of metal is pulled towards the electromagnet,
and the movement opens the contacts again.  Check the contacts are clean.  Then
it's a matter of getting the separation right between the metal plate and the
electromagnet so the circuit is closed normally and opens as the plate moves
towards the e/m.
I found a thin card gasket was needed between the sounding plate and base -
there should be thin gaskets on the flange.  Sometimes pushing the cover in a
bit will make it work as it moves the diaphragm and metal plate in a bit.  The
adjustment screws are often resined in, and I've not tried cleaning out the
stuff, but it might be possible to get adjustment that way.

Assuming you didn't find bits of broken mechanism and the coil is not burnt out,
it should be repairable.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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Subject: [T3] horn internals

   I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner, but after hanging under
the bumper for 40 years, the horn finaly died. It had power and with a
good ground still no-go.  When tested with MM had a very high resistance
circuit across terminals.   I opened it up to find some moisture, and a
small amount of corrosion/crud between the two metal strips.  Now I've
got a good circuit, drawing 3A at 6V, but no noise.
   Any ideas?  This is such a simple circuit, but I really don't
understand what creates the vibration/oscilation.  The crud was on what
I believe is the "hammer" tip.  I'm sure I can get another horn, but now
I'm curious how it works.

Peter Parker
'66 Square; Phillip
Portland, OR

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