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Re: [T3] mpg

I think there's a note about the figures being from UK brochures, so working out
in US galls it would be 4/5ths of that, or around 24 mpg US.   Luckily for me
they didn't quote in litres/100km, though that's what's often quoted these days.
We're still miles but the litres and kg have more or less taken over,
particularly for the younger people.

I usually get around 27mpg US on trips in my twin carb, so 23 mpg in city
driving sounds good.  Maybe your city traffic allows movement at more than about
12mph average!

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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Subject: [T3] mpg

> At Dave Hall's website:
> http://www.hallvw.clara.co.uk/t3hist.htm
> there is the following info:
> August 1968 *
> *Electronic Fuel Injection introduced; double-joint rear axle, internal
> filler release, hazard flashers. FI Automatic 30 mpg. Radial tyres and
> petrol heater as extras.
> So my question is this...first, are those Imperial Gallons or US gallons,,,
and if Imperial, what should I expect as the maximum regularly attainable mpg in
US gallons?  Currently my FI '70 SQ is getting 23 mpg city (so much better than
the 11 mpg I was getting when basically only two injectors/cylinders were
firing), and I'd like to up that toward whatever I can achieve.
> What should I expect, and what things can I change or adjust in order to
improve my mpg's?
> Thanx in advance.
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> Will McCreight
> whmcc@attglobal.net
> Portland, OR
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