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Re: [T3] How to tell if Generator is charging

On 17 Apr 2006 at 18:14, Gary Gamboa wrote:

> I tried the tests:
> 1. The dashboard generator light comes on and stays on.

Means you've got a problem.

> 2. The electrical system voltage at the fuse box did not rise above 12V when 
> I ran the engine at fast idle.

No charging.

> 3. I don't have any tools with me, so I couldn't remove the DF wire from the
> generator, will the same test at the regulator achive the same thing? 


> I connected my meter to the DF+ at the regulator and disconnected the
> positive green wire. The voltage at the DF+ is 4V, when I increase rpm, it
> rises to about 5-6 v. 

Removing the DF wire disables the generator, so this sounds normal.

With the DF wire disconnected, short the DF terminal on the generator to 
ground. The voltage on the D+ terminal should go above 12V when you do this and 
run the RPMs up a bit. If this works, the generator is okay, so the VR must be 

If this doesn't make the voltage go up, then there's a problem in the generator 
itself. In that case, check the brushes. If their back ends are below the ends 
of the holder then they are too short and need to be replaced.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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