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RE: [T3] FI Fuel Tank restoration - revisited

On 16 Apr 2006 at 16:35, big.al@bigblackdot.net wrote:

> Thanks for the quick answer!  so would you happen to know the path of
> the fuel? Is there a particular path?

Yes, there is a passage that allows fuel to flow into the cup from 
below. There is only one entry point and that is around the return 
port, although there might be channels which lead to that port from 
both sides. I don't know if it is possible to reach inside the tank 
and thread a wire in those channels. I've never tried that, but it's 
probably worth some effort just to get as much crud out of there as 

The bottom of that cup and the return line are formed to make a kind 
of venturi pump that drags extra fuel into the cup along with the 
returning fuel. The end result is that the cup will stay completely 
full of gas even when the level around it is well below the top lip 
of the cup.

> I see a gap in the cup around the return port  and I see a LARGE gap
> around the supply port. is it supposed to come in through both or just
> one?

There should be no entry around the supply port.

> While pondering this and waiting for a reply, I decided to give it
> another treatment of the Metal Ready (rust removal solution).  I tried
> an experiment with it also.  Since it was a perfectly dry tank, I
> poured in the solution outside the cup.  This way I could see if any
> solution made it's way into the cup.

Very reasonable.  ;-)

> By the time I poured, removed the funnel and got the flashlight, there
> was already solution flowing into the cup.  So I guess it wasn't as
> clogged as I thought, or the previous treatment did clear out a
> passage. I really couldn't tell if it came through both or one of the
> gaps around the ports, but it is at least getting in there and did just
> as you confirmed.

As long as the fluid can seep in faster than the engine will burn it, 
you'll be fine.

You're right, putting that sealant in there would be a big mistake.

I trust you've already pulled the supply line off and cleaned out the 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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