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[T3] 1971 Fastback with fuel injection, no start!

Someone by passed the fuel pump relay under the dash. They actually did away with it. I purchased a relay from Jim Adney and installed it and believe I have everything hooked up per the Bentley. I have been working on this car for several months without any sucess in getting it to run. The vehicle has new plugs, points and condenser. The valves were adjusted and the timing was set. I have replaced all the fuel lines, fuel pump is a new bosch, and the injectors have been checked out and replaced.

The battery checks good, have no idea what the charging rate is as I haven't got it to run.

The main relay under the back seat clicks when the ignition is turned on. Post 85 goes to ground; Post 86 goes to fuze box; Post 87 goes to the fuel pump relay Post 86 and two wires go to the Brain; Post 30/51 goes to the battery.

The fuel pump relay under the dash has Post 85 going to the computer; Post 86 going to the main relay Post 87; Post 87 going to the fuel pump and Post 30/51 going to the fuze box.

I suspect my problem has something to do with the fuze box and the way it is wired. I guess with by lack of knowledge in reading schematics I am not sure about what is the top row and what is the bottom row on the fuze board. I am also not sure if I have the jumper in the correct position or not. I have it running from position 7 to position 8.

I sure can use some help on this, any information or ideas will be appreciated.

Art Sterrett
Mobile, Alabama

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