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[T3] Intermittent Wiper Delay--Success

<x-flowed>Keith, how exactly did you shield it? Did you pick up a automotive noise suppression device at an auto shop, did you have to put the circuit in a "Faraday Cage", and I'd be interested in your story on cruise control. Yes, I also have discovered that it is "noise" on the power lead that is making the relays fire erratically...with ignition on but engine off, smooth- ignition on and engine on, sl. erratic- engine on at higher rpm, real erratic- engine on, high rpm, lights on, sl. erratic.
So it looks to be some combo of voltage changes and/or waveforms introduced by the coil/ignition and by the generator/voltage regulator, I surmise.
Keith, is your cruise control vacuum-based or electronic? I had been intending the electronic, even with the wireless features for the switch head, but now with the problems with this single simple integrated circuit device, I must re-think this plan. Could it be that our T3's simply are too noisy for IC-based devices? How much effort should I be placing on getting the noise out?
Some of the web sites I have read having to do with circuit noise suppression in the application of installing car sound systems speaks of inadequate ground, ignition coil noise (I have noticed that my tach needle will jump suddenly especially as I increase rpms--it will leap up and then settle back to the higher new rpm value, and do this several times), and placing one device too close to another, like wiper motors.
I am going to at least place a store bought circuit noise suppressor into the power leads coming into the delay device today to see if that improves the operation.

I bought a kit from JC  Whitney and modified it a bit,
The circuit was real noisy till I shielded it, it even kicked off the


-- Will McCreight whmcc@attglobal.net Portland, OR (208) 661-6262 cell

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