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Re: [T3] my ride

<x-flowed>type3weezer@comcast.net wrote:
Great looking Square. What is that color? The front pic shows off the color.
I wanted to get a black cherry but couldn't afford it. This is a Chrysler (eewww!!) color called inferno red. I've been told it is used on PT cruisers.
#### Nice color anyway. Car MFG's have a lot of nice colors too. Not every one needs $600.00 a quart of House of Colors paint!
OMG monza exhaust!! *>)
That muffler sat around my garage for 8 years before I used it. I like it.

#### I was just pulling your chain. ;-) I have run one too. It was the only one a bunch of holes in it. I think the sound is ok too.


NICE!! You bringing this to Litchfield in June?

Maybe, I haven't thought of it. That is a nice show.

BTW trivia... a 6T5 is a very rare and sought after tuning eye tube that is
used exclusively in high end Zenith radios of the late 30's

I knew that !? :-)

Did You do the work how about some pic of the engine and inside. Looks

Kurt in TX

I did all the work except the paint and don't think I didn't want to do that also ;-) Motor is stock 1500S with the exception of Toby's 12 volt alternator conversion. Every thing else including the domed pistons are still on the car.

the rest of the pictures are attached. Thanks all for letting me show off a little.




65 square (weezer)
04 jetta
Just Cruisin By

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