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[T3] battery box

I had the same issues with mine. I left a lip to weld to and after grinding down the welds I covered the area with two thin layers of fiberglass. then I went underneath and sealed it with one layer of fiberglass. Grind down and smooth both above and below. POR15 above and below. Inside under the battery looks clean but you can see it has been repaired. (Nobody looks in there anyhow) And underneath it's hard to tell. If I want it to look perfect I guess I could undercoat it and the repair would be invisible from underneath. I guess it all depends on how perfect you want things to look. Best of luck to you.

>I have a CIP battery box patch panel.  Don's VW in Coburg said to cut out 
>rust and seat new panel on the edges of the old floor pan with caulking. 
>Don says this will keep the rust from migrating from old to new.  It sounded 
>good, but after 2 days of grinding and hammering I'm still having trouble 
>getting the panel seated close to the origional height.  It looks like I can 
>get within maybe a 1/4" of origional pan, but now I'm looking @ this jagged 
>hole in my floorpan that isn't going away unless I do a bunch more 
>cutting,fitting & welding.rather than caulking?  Mike Fisher

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