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RE: [T3] too much oil -vs- gas in oil

I use the Pennzoil 10 W 40 "high mileage engine" oil in my Square, its good
for a couple PSI hot and claims the same viscosity of the 10W40


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Today I prepared to syphon off the "extra" oil, only to discover that 
when dead cold, the oil was right--halfway between the marks!!  In 
retrospect, I could have been checking the engine when it was too warm 
or something...will write more later if problem unresolved.

Also, Jim Adney, in his usual excellent reply said:

BTW, I don't recommend heavy weight oils. They DO reduce leaks, but 
they also restrict flow to the engine and require more HP just to 
pump around; that's power wasted. It's not really true that the oil 
has to be thick to lubricate well. What the bearings really need is a 
plentyful supply of oil, and heavy weight oil can sometimes actually 
starve a bearing.

My question then...should I be using strict 30 or 40 weight oil, a 
multigrade oil (and if so, which weight(s)), or something else?  The big 
reason I made the switch to a thicker oil had to do with the incessant 
oil light flicker after installing the VDO dual sensor so I could add an 
oil pressure gauge.  Is it OK for the pressure to run at perhaps 5 psi 
at idle, or should I be concerned?  Back when I was just an "idiot" with 
the light only, I didn't give it a thought, but now with oil 
pressure/temp/vacuum/voltage/tach (and considering CHT), I am getting a 
feel for what happens when, relatively speaking.  Making an oil weight 
choice based on a gauge reading may not be a wise decision...open to 

BTW, check out my next email for news re: intermittent wiper delay success!

Will McCreight
Portland, OR
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