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Re: [T3] too much oil -vs- gas in oil

<x-flowed>WillMcC=> I could have been checking the engine when it was too warm
=> or something...

If you check the oil when it's just been running, you'll usually find that the level looks low, because a significant amount of oil is still up in the galleys and heads. I wonder whether your procedure is complete. Pull the stick, wipe it off, put it all the way back in, pull it out and look. Oil crawls up the stick when it's running, giving a too-high reading if you just pull it and look.

=> how much "volume" of oil is represented by the space between the two
=> indicator marks on the dipstick?

About a liter/quart.

=> Is it OK for the pressure to run at perhaps 5 psi at idle, or should I be concerned?

5psi is too low. The idiot-light sender is set to open at around 7.5psi. A normal reading at hot idle, like when you've just done a longish freeway run, will be in the 10-20psi range.

Before you draw any conclusions you'll want to check the calibration on your guage, as these are notoriously inaccurate. If the guage and your light are giving you good results, your oil pressure is telling you that your crank bearings are getting loose and you should be thinking about a rebuild. As long as pressure comes back up into the reasonable range when you're off idle you're not in the red zone yet, but you're near the limits, so be nice to your engine and take it easy until you can afford the time and bread for the rebuild. Don't wait for it to sieze up, that sucks and costs a lot more money.

Thick oil will mask the problem but not eliminate it, so you're doing yourself no favors that way. On the other hand, moving to 10-40W for the summer is not an unreasonable move.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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