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[T3] Intermittent Wiper Delay--Success!

<x-flowed>My posts of a week or so ago demonstrated frustration and lack of success with the Hella intermittent wiper delay add-on, but later a lead or so in regard to a Velleman system suggested another approach (thanks to Michael Elliott and his '71 Transporter).

The kit was then ordered, received, soldered together, and added to Betty, with good, though not perfect results. Here are the details.

The web address for the part is:

The receipt and cost is:

Code Name Quantity Price/Ea. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
K2599 Velleman WINDSHIELD WIPER ROBOT KIT 1 $24.18

The diagram of the existing circuit/switch per Michael Elliott:

The instructions for wiring into the existing circuit/switch per Michael Elliott:

Now for the experience of it:

The Velleman kit is manufactured in Belgium, and allows for three delay settings (5, 10, and 15 seconds). The instructions are simple and easy to follow, in fact, I had to do very little instruction reading, as the circuit board itself is well marked. Do pay attention to the "Watch the notch!" or "Attention to the polarity!" notations in the instructions if you are a relative novice, as I am. The soldering/assembly went very easily and quickly, perhaps 15-20 minutes total. The instruction manual has additional info on "installation in the car" as well as three schematic drawings, but I ended up following the Michael Elloitt instructions instead, as they are easy to follow, include an "image" of the rear of the existing switch which makes identification of which terminal is which number very straightforward, and contains only one error (minor), which is that the COM and +12 connections on the upper right "wiper delay circuit" on his diagram are in fact switched relative to their positions on the actual circuit board.

I bought a small enclosure box and a knob, plus some wire and connectors at Radio Shack, and wired it into the existing switch...the easiest was to get a couple of those spade connector "doublers" if that is what they are called, which allow you to plug in two female connectors onto a single male spade on the back of three of the six spades on the back of the existing wiper switch. That way I could most closely "duplicate" Mike Elliott's diagram.

So how well does it work? The two longest delays (10 & 15 seconds) work best, with the 5 second delay being darned near the same as the slower speed of the regular switch. In addition, the delay is meant to be turned on separately...that is, if you want no delay, use the regular switch, and if you want delay, leave the regular switch turned off, and turn on the delay switch to one of its three "on" settings. When both switches are on simultaneously, the relays may "chatter" and things get erratic.

I cannot say it is without any problems--specifically, when the wiper motor cycles back into "park", occasionally that somehow triggers the relay(s)...there are two on this circuit board...to fire again, so you may get a second single stroke of the wipers before the next long pause. So a double wipe instead of a single...no big deal!

Tomorrow I'll button it up and decide where exactly to place the enclosure box with the new delay switch/circuit board. Unfortunately, the box is pretty big (half again larger than the circuit board, as Radio Shack had boxes either too large or too small), and I don't want to drill the dash, so will likely hide part of the box behind the dash with the switch end of the box coming down below the dash and accessible to the hand...it is a rotary switch with 4 positions, by the way.

That is all for now. Next project is electronic cruise control...will keep you posted.

Will McCreight
Portland, OR
(208) 661-6262 cell

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