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[T3] dual carb Different

Hi All 
never wrote to the t-3 list so i decided to give it a try. But i was rebuilding the dual carbs on my 66 variant and found one of the Brass pipes off the top half of the 
carb laying in the float bowl. so i looked through the 4-6 sets of dual carbs i had laying around and found a near new set so ive taken apart checked all 
clearances and cleaned well. Then started to adjust the Throttle jet and notice it had but one tube style jet pointing down the throat vs the other carbs in the 
boxes have 2 brass tubes pointing down the throat. another thing is there is no straight tube down into the float bowl at all. there is a place to put one but the 
passage has never been drilled. I have a full set of these oddball carbs that had the best linkage and no slop in the butterfly valver and where very clean to start 
out with. 
So my question is what or where did these come from and will they work with out the additional tubes. They seem as if they have been run before. are they early 
style vs late style?? just wondering since ive finished the build on one and have focused on the other for now. Thanks for any help. Jonce

Jonce Fancher

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