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Re: [T3] bad clutch 68 Fastback

On 11 Apr 2006 at 22:44, LeeAC wrote:

> I will be DIY'ing this one. I'm fortunate that I have another car I can use
> for commuting. 

As long as you have some basic skills and the desire to do a good job, this is 
your best choice for a quality job at reasonable cost.

> Driving home the clutch really let me know it was
> unhappy. 4th gear, 40-50mph for 10 minutes, then
> downshift to find the clutch has all but disappeared.

> To your point about the clutch noise. I've had the car
> 4 months or so and I knew that it was on the way out
> from day 1. But, brake work, fuel work etc took
> precedence. 

That's very reasonable. I think we all understand the problems that come with 
buying a new/old car like this. You're the first person who's owned it in years 
who noticed or cared that it needed attention, so the failures have really 
piled up. Thanks for taking care of them.  ;-)

> As for cost and advice, I see that JC Whitney are
> asking 90 bucks for the clutch kit - do you have a
> link to an article somewhere that may be able to give
> me pointers on things to bear in mind when pulling the
> clutch?

First you should have a Bentley manual. I have some used ones here if you need 
one. Don't even think about doing this blind. I don't know of any particular 
article on this, but it's really not hard. There are just 2 things that can be 
touchy: getting the engine out and in (and getting ALL the hoses, wires, and 
cables disconnected and reconnected properly) and making sure the clutch disk 
is centered with a pilot as you torque down the pressure plate.

Since it doesn't sound like you're in a rush, I wouldn't buy anything at this 
time. Open it up first and see what you find, then order the appropriate parts. 
I have everything here that you might need, except for new cross shafts (but I 
might have good used ones.) New cross shafts should be available from any 
number of on-line sources (check aircooled.net first.)

You should be able to get by with less than $90 in repair parts, maybe MUCH 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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